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What are you hiding

Description: This project was developed in Blender. It sprouted from a work by Beniamino Servino – an architect and designer – to explore the possibilities and boundaries of creating a digital space by lingering on the meaning of “classical” architecture in dialogue with “blobitecture”.
Blobitecture is a style of architecture that makes use of ‘blobs’ as the main shape of architectural compositions and is sometimes classified as modern architecture.
The most convenient way of exploring the space created is to alter between Fly-Mode and normal walking. This way the visitor can experience both the obstacles and possibilities of such an architectural mix, making the experience of exploring the space into a game and a reflection on the perception of space.
By intertwining both the “edgy”, box-like, internationalized style, and “soft-edged” architecture, I gave a go at pushing and testing the limits of the program, questioning whether they could both coexist together in a harmonious way in the realms of the digital space.

Genre: Digital exposition

Exhibition space in Mozzilla Hubs, Blender prototype

During: Summer semester 2022

Mozilla Hubs link: