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Una famiglia contadina dell’Altopiano del Salto

In collaboration with Ferretti Francesco

Description: The theme explored for this semester’s project is that of a farmer family based in 1939, Meltina, Alto Adige. The text set in an “old novel style”, which details daily life in this region almost a 100 years ago, caught our eye. To follow the line of “the classical book”, and wishing to represent the essence of the tome itself as well as the time it was set in, a one column layout proved to be the finest choice. Simple though concise, yet giving it a twist by skipping the constraints of the margins when placing the illustrations, which in their turn, evoke, together with the types of paper and font used for the inside pages and cover, a sense of old, wood-crafted farmer style.

PS: Aimed for those interested in getting to know country life in a detailed, scientific manner in the 40s.

Genre: Editorial design

During: Summer semester 2021

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