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La Cuccu

everything about the cuccumella

In collaboration with Colucci Alessia
and Huggel Lotte Beate

Description: La Cuccu is a space for community and friendship where people can foster and share their mutual love for Italy and coffee, in particular for the cuccumella. The site includes voiceovers so that visually-impaired members of the community are not prone to feeling at a disadvantage, and are able to benefit just as much as anyone else from the content on offer. This concept of overall inclusion is fundamental and paramount for the ultimate purpose of our website. Beneath this, as a secondary but still highly important priority, was our attempt to replicate the mood and atmosphere of an Italian bar, which we did through the use of colours and background music. In essence, we endeavoured to create a space in which everyone feels comfortable and happy.

Genre: Website prototype

Components: Website prototype, video walk-through

During: Winter semester 202